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I never realized what acupuncture could do for the mind and body until I was introduced to Dr. Hye Sung Yun.  People have always suggested that I try it because they knew that I would make it a part of my life style. One of the things I love most about acupuncture is it gives you an alternative to modern medicine.  You can make a choice to explore natural healing without having the side effects of taking medicine.

I started visiting Dr.Hye about 2 months ago.  When I first met with her she sat me down in her office for over an hour just to get to know what type of person I am.  I have been going to my own personal doctor for over twenty years and we have never had a conversation longer than ten minutes. Dr. Hye made me feel very important within a short period of time. It really seems like she is sincerely interested in who I am as a person.  With this type of personal approach I know that it can only improve my quality of life.

I am using acupuncture for the following reasons; High Blood Pressure, Hair Loss, Increase Focus, and Stress release.  We monitor my blood pressure every session before and after the session.  There has been a significant decrease in my blood pressure between this time period.  My goal is to lean off my medicine and continue to maintain my blood pressure thru acupuncture.  I have also noticed a difference in my ability to focus on things for longer periods of time. 

I have learned that you have to give acupuncture time.  If you are a person that wants quick and measurable results in a short period of time then I would not recommend this for you.  You have to combine your mind and body with the acupuncture in order to achieve the best results. 

For those of you that are new to acupuncture Dr. Yun is the perfect combination and I highly recommend her.-Y. J.

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