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1. First thing in the morning, drink “Yin and Yang Tang”.

What is Yin and Yang Tang?

Get a cup, pour hot water half and pour cold water half, stir it then drink right away.


2. Check your stomach temperature.

The ideal body temperature is Warm in lower part of body( feet and lower abdomen) and Cool in upper body( chest and head).


3. Rub your stomach clock wise

Your energy starts from your lower abdomen(below the belly button) called “ DanJun” , make sure your core energy flows well.


4. Take a deep and nice breath in the morning 10 times

When you do that please face to the East where the energy rises.


5. Eat on time, and never eat full, try to eat organic


6. Exercise regularly to support the immune system and keep yourself healthy


7. Schedule regular Acupuncture treatment to support the body’s self regulating, self  balancing and healing system



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