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Lifestyle Disease 

Diabetes, high blood pressure, hyperglycemia and heart disease are caused by lifestyle choices. Serious side effects of aging are diabetes, high blood pressure, and hyperglycemia. These diseases are serious and can worsen if proper medical attention is not engaged. Our clinic is here to help patients with these diseases and healthy aging.

Body constitutions and herbal medicine

An Oriental Medicine proverb says, “One man’s medicine is another’s poison.” This emphasizes the differences of individual body types and needs. There is a specialized program necessary for the mind & body of each individual according to Oriental Medicine. Our Herbology Program focuses on selecting the best quality herbs → cleansing with ionized water and disinfecting with ozone → boiling herbs with purified water.

Male & Female Health

Climacterium, the bodily and mental changes (as in reproductive and endocrine function) occurring during the latter part of middle age; specifically : menopause and the bodily and psychological changes that accompany it, can come without warning and most people consider it to be the natural course of aging. But it can be possible with proper acupuncture and herbal medicine treatment to ease these symptoms of male and female climacterium. Male & female menopause, prostate hypertrophy, female infertility, dysmenorrhea, Uterine Fibroids, Cold hands and feet, Vaginal Discharge, etc can be treated with acupuncture and herbal medicine.

Detox Program

Some water soluble toxins can be excreted by the body’s metabolism. While fat-soluble toxins that bind with fat cells in the body to create more fat cells and fat deposits can be a more difficult challenge. A Detox Diet is the safest way to excrete all forms of toxins. Old cells, cells with fat in the blood can be decomposed. Detoxing can help maintain a healthy life and facilitate weight loss.

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 Welcome to

CAM Wellness Center!!!

Everybody has the power of self healing from the beginning of one’s life.

But people can inevitably suffer from various diseases due to internal or external factors.

The power of self healing is one of the great gifts from the nature that can be re-activated at any stage of life by acupuncture, herbal medicine and healthy lifestyle choices.

This is the foundation of Oriental Medicine, helping patients re-balance their body, mind and spirit and live a healthy lifestyle that is in harmony with natural law. This is the best way to cure diseases at the root cause of what started them in the first place, living out of balance with nature.

At CAM Wellness Center we are committed to finding the root cause of our patient’s conditions and utilizing the most effective ways to help and promote each patient’s inherent self healing power.

Thank you.

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